Book “Build AI applications with FastAPI”

A practical guide to creating a LLM Hub with Ollama and FastAPI

FastAPI book for AI applicationAs a Software Engineer and founder of UnfoldAI, I’m excited to present my latest book, “Build AI Applications with FastAPI.” This comprehensive guide is designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge needed to create production-ready AI applications using FastAPI and Ollama.

In this book, we’ll take on a hands-on journey to build LLM Hub, a powerful application that showcases the integration of large language models (LLMs) with modern web development practices. You’ll gain practical experience in:

  • Setting up a robust FastAPI application;
  • Integrating and managing LLMs using Ollama;
  • Implementing asynchronous processing for improved performance;
  • Handling database operations with SQLAlchemy and Alembic;
  • Securing your application with JWT authentication;
  • Deploying your app using Docker and bare metal servers;

What you’ll learn

  1. FastAPI Fundamentals: Master the art of creating efficient APIs with FastAPI, including route definition, request handling, and response management.
  2. Ollama integration: Learn to seamlessly integrate Ollama for managing and running large language models, including creating custom models and adjusting parameters. I use Llama3 and Phi3 in the book and in the project itself.
  3. Database management: Explore PostgreSQL integration, database migrations with Alembic, and efficient CRUD operations using SQLAlchemy.
  4. Asynchronous processing: Implement Celery and Redis for handling long-running tasks, ensuring your application remains responsive under load.
  5. Authentication and security: Implement JWT-based authentication and learn best practices for securing your FastAPI application.
  6. Deployment Strategies: Discover the advantages of bare metal servers and learn to deploy using Docker, Docker Compose, and Cloudflare Tunnels.
  7. Testing and Quality Assurance: Write effective unit and integration tests, and set up continuous integration with GitHub Actions.
  8. Performance Optimization: Implement caching strategies, optimize database queries, and learn techniques for handling high concurrency.
  9. Preprocessor System: Explore the flexible preprocessor system that allows for intelligent input transformation, including the powerful URL content extractor.

Bonus: The complete LLM Hub source code

When you purchase this book, you’ll receive the complete source code for LLM Hub, a production-ready AI application that serves as a practical example of all the concepts discussed. This valuable resource allows you to:

  • Study a real-world implementation of the techniques covered in the book;
  • Experiment with and modify a fully functional AI application;
  • Use LLM Hub as a starting point for your own projects.

Who is this book for

  • Python developers looking to build AI-powered web applications;
  • Data scientists and ML engineers wanting to productionize their models;
  • Software engineers interested in modern web development and AI integration;
  • Anyone eager to learn about building scalable and efficient AI applications.

Whether you’re a beginner in AI development or an experienced practitioner, “Build AI Applications with FastAPI” provides the knowledge and tools you need to create sophisticated, production-grade AI applications.

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your AI development skills. Get your copy today and start building powerful AI applications with FastAPI and Ollama!

Price: 19 USD

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