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Welcome to the hub of practical AI development knowledge. As an experienced Software Engineer and founder of UnfoldAI, I’m excited to offer you in-depth guides for building cutting-edge AI systems using popular Python frameworks.


FastAPI book for AI application

Build AI applications with FastAPI

Master the art of creating high-performance AI applications with FastAPI and Ollama. This hands-on guide walks you through building LLM Hub, a production-ready application for managing and interacting with large language models (LLMs). Learn essential skills in API development, database management, asynchronous processing, and secure deployment. Ideal for Python developers and data scientists seeking to productionize AI models efficiently. Includes full source code access to LLM Hub for real-world learning and application.

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Book for building AI applications with Django

Build RAG applications with Django

Dive into the world of Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) with Django. This comprehensive guide teaches you how to create powerful AI applications that blend retrieval and generation techniques. Learn to leverage pgvector for similarity search, integrate OpenAI APIs, handle diverse data sources like PDFs and videos, and build intuitive user interfaces. Perfect for developers looking to create sophisticated, production-ready AI systems using the Django framework.

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AI development books bundle

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In today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape, AI is no longer a futuristic concept—it’s a present reality shaping industries across the board. Whether you’re an experienced developer looking to expand your skillset or a newcomer eager to dive into the world of AI, these books provide the practical knowledge and hands-on experience you need to succeed.

Other books

If you are not interested in building AI applications but still want a good read – I can recommend some good books. Check the list here.

Cheat sheets

Looking to boost your productivity across multiple development domains? This cheat sheets offers a collection of quick-reference guides for developers at any stage in their journey.

Here’s what kind of cheat sheets are available:

Docker guide

Docker & Docker compose cheat sheet

Docker & Docker Compose cheat sheet

Streamline your containerization workflow with essential Docker and Docker Compose commands. From building images to managing multi-container applications, you’ll have key references at your fingertips.

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Data science tools

Python Data Science libraries cheat sheet

Python Data Science libraries cheat sheet

Access important commands for Python’s data science ecosystem. With references for NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib, you’ll be better equipped to handle data manipulation, analysis, and visualization tasks.

Learn more about Python Data Science libraries cheat sheet

Git version control

Git version control cheat sheet

Git version control cheat sheet

Navigate version control more smoothly. From basic repository operations to branching and merging techniques, improve your Git skills to collaborate and manage your codebase more effectively.

Learn more about Git version control cheat sheet

Linux command line

Linux commands cheat sheet for Python/Django/AI developers

Linux commands cheat sheet for Python/Django/AI developers

Utilize the Linux terminal more efficiently with commands useful for Python, Django, and AI development. Increase your productivity in file management, system administration, and development tasks.

Learn more about Linux commands cheat sheet for Python/Django/AI developers

Regular expressions

Regular Expressions (RegEx) cheat sheet

Regular Expressions (RegEx) cheat sheet

Improve your text processing capabilities with this regex guide. From basic patterns to more complex matching scenarios, you’ll have references to tackle various string manipulation challenges.

Learn more about Regular expressions cheat sheet

SQL database operations

SQL commands cheat sheet

SQL commands cheat sheet

Enhance your database management and querying skills. From basic CRUD operations to more advanced queries, this SQL cheat sheet covers key commands for working with relational databases.

Learn more about SQL commands cheat sheet

How did I make those cheat sheets? My goals and directions are the following:

Practical and concise: Each cheat sheet is curated based on common real-world usage, distilling key commands and concepts into easy-to-reference documents.

Time-saving resource: Reduce time spent searching for commands online.

Suitable for various levels: Whether you’re beginning your journey or have been coding for years, this cheat sheets aims to be a useful resource. It covers a range of tasks from basic to more complex.

To expand your toolkit: By familiarizing yourself with the commands and concepts, you can broaden your capabilities across different areas of development.

Regular updates: As technologies evolve, these cheat sheets are updated to reflect current features and practices.

Invest in this All Cheat Sheets Bundle to equip yourself with a handy toolkit that could enhance your development workflow and potentially speed up your coding process across multiple domains. Have key references in one comprehensive package so you can focus more on building software and solving problems.

All cheat sheets bundle price: 20 USD

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And finally, for those seeking a complete learning experience, consider the “Everything” bundle.

This comprehensive package includes all 6 cheat sheets plus 2 in-depth, project-based books on modern AI development (Django and FastAPI from the begining of this page).

It covers a wide range of topics from containerization and data science to web development and cutting-edge AI techniques.

This bundle represents the best value, offering all my current resources at a reduced price. It’s designed to take you from theory to practical implementation, providing a solid foundation for your development journey.

AI books + cheat sheets

Everything bundle price: 49 USD

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